Connected Health White Paper

Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues for a new level of "venue independent" caregiving, using Telehealth both remotely and at the bedside.

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Patient Room of the Future – Available today

A powerful bedside experience transforming the delivery and value of care.

ExtendedCare’s in-hospital patient experience solution is helping healthcare facilities transform the delivery and value of care. It links patients, care teams, and family caregivers together in a video-rich “virtual room” providing secure, shared access to personalized medical information, multi-party video visits, health services, educational content, entertainment, and more. This “Patient Room of the Future” empowers each patient to proactively co-own their care journey while providing care teams with automated workflows and clinical efficiencies. It’s accessible via in-hospital (bedside) TV monitors, iOS/Android devices like smart phones and tablets, even hospital kiosks.


Results: Improved patient compliance, better outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction that can positively impact your HCAHPS scores and reimbursements.

For patients and family caregivers

Patients and their loved ones can instantly and securely access personalized information empowering their own participation in the care plan. They can also enjoy customizable high-quality entertainment as well as the full spectrum of hospital services, such as food menus, video translation, and concierge services.

For clinicians and care providers

ExtendedCare opens a whole new world of opportunity that can lead to improved care delivery, operational efficiency, streamlined tasks, and software-driven automation. Your care teams can deliver the right care at the right time to help contribute to better outcomes while enhancing your hospital’s operational efficiency and economic health.