2019 Connected Health White Paper

Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues that a new level of connected care-giving is required by today's health systems, using telehealth and patient experience technologies that can make a difference. Download your copy, compliments of ExtendedCare.

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Data into insight

ExtendedCare’s robust reporting and analytics capabilities provide insight into real-time trends for system usage, patient satisfaction, quality-of-care, and other customized metrics. Key performance indicators can include staff rounding, response times, content usage, survey results, open requests, and more.

Leveraging this insight, your health system can quickly identify and resolve issues to continually improve quality-of-care. For example, administrators can generate reports about the most and least popular videos or TV channels, or educational health videos that patients had questions about after viewing. Trends and rankings can be viewed globally or by department, floor, room, and bed.

Insight into HCAHPS-related patient satisfaction

Administrators can generate reports based on historical trending and define new queries to create and share customized reports. These metrics can be related to HCAHPS categories such as staff engagement, facility cleanliness, noise levels, etc. – with the goal of helping the hospital improve its HCAHPS patient satisfaction survey scores.

Whether evaluating system usage metrics or patient satisfaction survey scores, our analytics can help turn data into actionable insight. This, in turn, can be used to help enhance care delivery.