Dashboards and Workflows

2019 Connected Health White Paper

Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues that a new level of connected care-giving is required by today's health systems, using telehealth and patient experience technologies that can make a difference. Download your copy, compliments of ExtendedCare.

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Better care delivery via nurse dashboards and accelerated workflows

Care teams can view and manage EMR/EHR orders, progress notes, admit-discharge workflows, patient requests, and drill down into individual rooms and patients from anywhere – all through a single intuitive dashboard combining ExtendedCare content and EMR/EHR data.

With our Care Team View feature, clinicians can manage patient education and schedules, assign and track tasks to patients, review treatment and discharge plans, and make remote audio/video calls right from their mobile devices. They can view each patient’s real-time status and presence information, such as Available, Do Not Disturb, Staff in Room, Screen Sharing in Progress, Audio/Video Call in Progress, Watching TV, or Out of Room. The system displays patients’ names as preferred by the patient, as well as patients’ full legal names.

ExtendedCare integrates with staff scheduling and EMR/EHR systems, enabling automated workflows tailored to each patient’s condition, status, and location. Care teams can use intuitive dashboards – on an in-room computer or the clinician’s personal device – to track status, assign patient tasks and educational content, manage patient surveys, and more.

Clinicians can automate content delivery to reduce manual tasks and allow more focus on direct patient care; track patients’ real-time locations and automate responses to patient requests and feedback; and create workflows to automatically deliver educational videos customized for each patient’s condition and status.

Location tracking

ExtendedCare easily integrates with Centrak and Ekahau Real-Time Location System (RTLS), allowing the care team to see at a glance if patients are in or out of their rooms, as well as their departure and expected return times.

Automated notifications

ExtendedCare can automatically send out care team notifications and escalations for non-emergency patient events, such as requests for assistance. Notifications can be sent to multiple devices – mobile, IP phones, and more. Care team members receive notifications on all of their devices, helping ensure that they are aware of the event and can respond quickly. Notifications can be customized for each patient condition based on EMR/EHR events, and trigger automatic responses predefined by the hospital.

Requesting predefined services

Patients can send predefined service requests from their in-room TV or iOS and Android devices – “please clean the room,” “please adjust the room temperature,” etc. Predefined by the hospital, these requests are integrated into the facility’s overall workflow.  Responses are monitored and escalations are generated if the requests are not met in a timely fashion. Staff visits are automatically tracked and reported to the patient, who can see their entire care team by name/role, and use speed-dial lists customized by department, room type, and/or location.

Quality-of-care is about speed, action, and results. It’s about clinical workflows that can enhance outcomes.