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Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues for a new level of "venue independent" caregiving, using Telehealth both remotely and at the bedside.

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Quarantined and isolated patients are often a fact of life in a hospital. Their quality-of-care is paramount and requires careful attention to access, scheduling, hygiene, and above all – communication.  This is especially true in the current era of COVID-19, where quarantines and isolation rooms are increasingly prevalent. The answer is ExtendedCare.

We safely connect isolated patients to the services and people who matter most

Urgent Care

The ExtendedCare Isolation Solution brings the power of telehealth, multi-party video, and other digital services right to the bedside for in-hospital patients who are either quarantined or in isolation. Deploying our telehealth and digital services for quarantined and isolated patients offers a number of important caregiving benefits:

The best of both worlds – serving patients while safeguarding providers

The ExtendedCare Isolation Solution is a win-win for patients and providers, leveraging easy-to-use, reliable, low-cost digital services – just what the hospital ordered.

Rapid deployment with immediate payback

Video consults with remote clinicians. Care team communications. Patient education videos. Multi-party video visits with friends and family.

Empowering quarantined and isolated patients to communicate with the world leads to better outcomes and safer caregiving, particularly in response to COVID-19.

Read the ExtendedCare Isolation Solution PDF here.

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