Multi-Party Video

2019 Connected Health White Paper

Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues that a new level of connected care-giving is required by today's health systems, using telehealth and patient experience technologies that can make a difference. Download your copy, compliments of ExtendedCare.

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Multi-Party Video

Keeping everyone connected

Whether scheduled or on-demand, remote post-acute video visits between patients and clinicians – and between clinicians conferring on a case – are increasingly commonplace in how care is delivered and experience. ExtendedCare takes it to the next level with multi-party video – supporting multiple high-quality video streams so patients, clinicians, and family caregivers can all collaborate on a single video call.

These video-based exchanges can be used to share diagnostics, explore next steps, consult on recovery plans, and help deliver the best possible post-acute care to the patient. Examples of multi-party video include: