Easy-to-use video-centric telehealth solution – what virtual care is meant to be!

Virtual Care Room by ExtendedCare Solutions is a convenient, easy-to-use video-centric telehealth solution supporting on-demand and scheduled virtual care.

It integrates state-of-the-art video into clinical workflows with virtual waiting rooms, notifications, and video visits to enhance patient experience, care delivery, and clinical outcomes. Seamless interoperability with EHR/EMR systems lets you easily launch video visits within your existing healthcare workflows.

Scheduling and conducting video visits is fast and easy for all participants. Virtual Care Room is accessible anytime and anywhere via web browsers, iOS/Android mobile devices, and Cisco collaboration end points.

Net result:

Improved patient experience with better patient outcomes including lower re-admission rates, shorter lengths of stay, and other quality-of-care benefits.

The future of care delivery – available today.

  • Integrates state-of-the-art video into clinical workflows
  • Improves patient experience, compliance, and satisfaction with remote consults
  • Contributes to improved clinical outcomes, efficiencies, and speed of delivery
  • Strengthens hospital-clinical team partnerships
  • Interfaces with existing EMR/EHR systems (EHR agnostic) – can also be embedded directly in EMR/EHR systems
  • Maximizes value of your Cisco and other collaboration infrastructure

Patients-to-Clinicians – Easy!

Connecting patients with their clinicians is a breeze.

How it works

Clinicians to Clinicians – Easy!

Connecting clinicians with other clinicians is just as easy.

How it works

When you digitize care delivery, everybody wins.


Patients win …

Clinicians and Care Teams win …

Family Caregivers win …

Health systems win …