Multi-Party Video

Connected Health White Paper

Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues for a new level of "venue independent" caregiving, using Telehealth both remotely and at the bedside.

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Getting all the stakeholders together

Multi-Party Telehealth Platform

Remote video visits between patients and clinicians – and between clinicians conferring on a case – are increasingly commonplace in how care is delivered and experienced.

ExtendedCare Cloud Virtual Care Room™ takes telehealth to the next level with multi-party video – supporting multiple high-quality video streams so patients, clinicians, the care team, and family members can all collaborate on a single video call.

These video-based exchanges can be used to conduct consultations, discuss care plans, explore next steps, and help deliver the best possible ambulatory care to the patient. Examples of multi-party video include:

Better post-acute care

Helping improve outcomes and reduce re-admission rates.

Our telehealth services help support the transition of care for the patient once he/she leaves the hospital. For high-risk and other patients, multi-party video helps pull the necessary components of the patient’s care team together to improve overall outcomes and to reduce patient re-admission rates. We integrate state-of-the-art video into clinical workflows with virtual waiting rooms, notifications, and multi-party video visits to enhance patient experience and post-acute care delivery. Seamless interoperability with EHR/EMR systems lets patients and providers easily conduct video visits within their existing healthcare workflows.

Scheduling and conducting video visits is fast and easy for all participants. Post-acute follow-up visits are accessible anytime and anywhere via: