Suite Overview

2019 Connected Health White Paper

Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues that a new level of connected care-giving is required by today's health systems, using telehealth and patient experience technologies that can make a difference. Download your copy, compliments of ExtendedCare.

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Suite success – a suite approach to the delivery of care

  1. Flexibility.  Our connected suite of solutions can help enhance care regardless of the venue – home, office, in-hospital, on the road, anywhere and anytime. Whether you need to support ambulatory, acute, and/or post-acute workflows, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Feature-Based Pricing.  Buy only what you need today, then add more solutions as your requirements expand. Address key priorities within your budget constraints.
  3. CustomerFIRST™ from ExtendedCare.  Patients and providers are empowered with a shared digital experience and continuous access to vital clinical information as the patient progresses through his/her care journey. The information follows the patient!
  4. Efficiency.  Our video-rich solutions are easy to deploy and use, leveraging your existing EHR/EMR, Cisco, and other IT infrastructure.
  5. Deep Ecosystem.  Core to our suite is a full selection of integrations and partnerships with other leading healthcare technology vendors.
  6. Maximum value from your existing Cisco and other infrastructure investments.  You get the most out of your current infrastructure and in-house IT skill sets.
  7. Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments – the choice is yours.  You can deploy in any customized configuration – and in any cadence – that suits your exact needs.
  8. Virtually no training required.  Patients just point and click to schedule and attend their video visits, explore medical information, select educational videos, or request services. For clinicians, it’s instant access to a new world of automated workflows all within their existing EMR/EHR.

Investment Protection

FORWARD MARCH:  Our open architecture modular approach offers an attractive cost structure with foreseeable budgeting, predictable forward roadmap (no ugly surprises or technology dead ends), and seamless integration with legacy systems. Low deployment and management costs. Builds upon and leverages your team’s existing IT skill sets.

Flexible Connectivity

CONNECTS TO THE WORLD:  The ExtendedCare suite can integrate with virtually any hospital or IT system, including enterprise AD, EMR systems, staff assignment systems, medication databases, RTLS location systems, nutrition systems, and more. Video services, collaboration, wireless, and security are easily integrated to provide a holistic approach to patient empowerment. In-house video channels can even be integrated into a unified channel guide. ExtendedCare is built with open standards, so new capabilities and applications can easily be added over time as desired.

Availability and Scalability

UP FOR EVERYTHING:  High uptime and resiliency. You can add deploy additional capabilities and expand coverage at will.

Security and Privacy

SAFEGUARDS YOUR FUTURE:  Protects confidential patient and hospital information, with a multi-layered security approach integrated into all phases of the solution – design, review, software development, and testing.