Why ExtendedCare

Patients today are far more than patients – they’re consumers of digital content. If you can’t provide them with a superior digital experience, they’ll find a health system that can.

A Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner
If you’re going to buy telehealth, buy smart.
Cisco core to Cisco core.

Powered by Cisco, ExtendedCare provides a broad range of state-of-the-art digital and video services that are transforming the delivery and value of care.

For patients, this is great news. And for your health system, it gets even better. Because patients aren’t the only consumers of digital content – so are clinicians, care teams, family caregivers, and system administrators.

So what’s the best news of all? Our proven suite of digital and video services leverages THE POWER OF CISCO INFRASTRUCTURE to deliver ENTERPRISE-CLASS performance, reliability, security, and scalability.

You’re already using best-in-class Cisco equipment to drive your IT infrastructure – why settle for anything less when it comes to your video-based telehealth and patient experience services?


For Patients

Empowers patients to co-own their care journeys, independent of clinical specialty or venue of care

Virtual care such as “video visits” enable faster and easier care delivery

Bedside services – on-demand information, education, and entertainment


For Clinicians and Care Teams

Better care delivery resulting in better outcomes and quality-of-care

Streamlined digital workflows leveraging automation and video

Increased clinical efficiency and productivity

For Family Caregivers

Seamless communication with patients and care teams for better coordination, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes

Real-time access to care plans, test results, and education

For Hospitals

Higher reimbursements linked to patient surveys like HCAHPS

Lower re-admission rates and shorter lengths of stay

Better patient loyalty and retention

Higher operational efficiency and more profitable clinical partnerships

Scalable information aggregation and data insights