Suite Success

The advantages of a platform approach – a predictable migration path with long-term investment protection.

Investment Protection

FORWARD MARCH:  Our open architecture enterprise-class platform approach offers an attractive cost structure with foreseeable budgeting, predictable forward roadmap (no ugly surprises or technology dead ends), and seamless integration with legacy systems. Low deployment and management costs. Builds upon and leverages your team’s existing IT skill sets.

Flexible Connectivity

CONNECTS TO THE WORLD:  The ExtendedCare suite can integrate with virtually any hospital or IT system, including enterprise AD, EMR systems, staff assignment systems, medication databases, RTLS location systems, nutrition systems, and more. Video services, collaboration, wireless, and security are easily integrated to provide a holistic approach to patient empowerment. In-house video channels can even be integrated into a unified channel guide. Patient Xperience is built with open standards, so new capabilities and applications can easily be added over time as desired.

Availability and Scalability

UP FOR EVERYTHING:  High uptime and resiliency. You can add instances of Patient Xperience and expand coverage at will.

Security and Privacy

SAFEGUARDS YOUR FUTURE:  Protects confidential patient and hospital information, with a multi-layered security approach integrated into all phases of the solution – design, review, software development, and testing.