Connected Health White Paper

Healthcare consultant Stephen Favaloro argues for a new level of "venue independent" caregiving, using Telehealth both remotely and at the bedside.

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Improving patient outcomes and satisfaction

We help our customers and clients improve patient outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction, reduce per-capita-cost of health care, and enhance the work lives and satisfaction of care teams and clinicians.

We work with a range of health systems and facilities across the entire care continuum:

Parkland Hospital and ExtendedCare: The dream team in care delivery

Parkland Case StudyThe Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas County, Texas has deployed ExtendedCare’s digital services across the entire facility, with compelling results. Download the Parkland Case Study (pdf) here!

A renowned children’s hospital

is providing ExtendedCare’s convenient telehealth services to its patients and clinicians, connecting everyone remotely in easy-to-use video visits. Hospital-based and remote providers – pediatric urologists, endocrinologists, and other specialists – are able to easily consult with patients at other clinics and from the patients’ homes. The environment supports both patient-to-provider and provider-to-provider video visits. And it’s all integrated into the hospital’s existing EMR/EHR workflows for fast, easy usability.

“Integrating our Cisco video infrastructure with Epic Hyperspace makes it easy to connect to patients within our standard office visit workflows. Since scheduling and documentation are already taken care of, and clinical data continues to be stored and retrieved via the Electronic Medical Record, our clinicians can focus on seeing patients without trying to figure out new technologies and workflows.”

An academic research institution

is leveraging ExtendedCare to provide a state-of-the-art education library – and TV programming – to 750 in-hospital beds via footwall TVs. They’re also leveraging an EMR/EHR integration to bring patient information, appointments, and care team updates directly to the bedside. It’s a new level of information-sharing that tells the patient, “we care about your experience.”

A leading university care facility

is using ExtendedCare – seamlessly integrated into its EMR/EHR system –  to replace outdated provider-to-patient workflows with new telehealth-centric ones. The mobility for both providers and patients is a game-changer, as video consults are now conducted from virtually anywhere – the hospital, remote clinics, and patient homes.